Friday, November 9, 2007

The Hairy Ones

Mr.H and I are going out of town this weeked for the 40th wedding anniversary party. I made a gift for the couple which I'll post a picture of when I get back on Sunday. For now, here are a few pictures of Autumn that Monica requested and one of August because he looks so funny. Have a good weekend everyone:)

Autumn playing outside on her birthday and resting (because she works so hard) on the wicker love seat on our back porch

Sleeping on the chair (because she has worked so hard) in the office which she doesn't fit in and eating a carrot which makes her look like she's smiling. She had to have one because August got one- goofy dog!

Tearing apart her crabby while looking at me like she's so innocent and burying her nose in the green green grass.

And August looking up into the camera as he runs around on the couch. Look at those thick Liza Minnelli eyelashes.


meg said...

I'm so glad that this linked up. I tried to click on this last night and it said that the page was missing. I could look at it, but couldn't comment.

Anyhow, adorable, adorable hairy creatures! I love the one of Autumn when she's smiling and the one where she's chewing and looking at you like she's putting one over on you.

And the bunny is pretty darn cute too. I'm glad you have them in your life. I know what a difference it makes, from my own hairy creature!

Monica said...

I didn't see a post about your appt. Did it go badly? SHit I hope not. I've been thinking about it all day. THanks for the pics. I think Autumn's coloring is so pretty. Her brown and white play off each other beautifully. And August is so cute. HAs he destroyed his house lately?

The Nanny said...

August's eyelashes are SO long! Do bunnies usually have eyelashes that long? And Autumn is soooo cute. What kind of dog is he? How old?

Monica H said...

Meg- I think that these furry children that we have were sent to us for a reason. I know I couldn't do without Autumn in my life.

Monica- My appointment is this Friday morning. I hope it doesn't go badly either!

Nanny- I have never seen bunny lashes that long, but what do I know. Autumn was found on the side of the road in the pouring rain. An employee of mine rescued her but did not take very good care of her. After a week she got tired of her and threatened to euthanize her (that B*tch) if I didn't come get her. Thanksgiving 3 years ago, this little girl entered our lives. We think she is a beagle, spaniel, collie mix. There really is no way of knowing for sure, but she truly is a special girl. She just turned 3 years old on September 15th.

Kristi said...

They are so cute, so much personality.

Anonymous said...

Aaaah!! These pictures are great!

Monica H said...

Monica- Yes he tears up his house every chance he gets. About 5-6 times a day. So far today I have straightened out his towel, and food about 3 times. I finally just left it alone, because that's how he likes it.

Leaves said...

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