Friday, January 4, 2008

12 (More) Facts- Round 2

13. I'm a condiment junkie. I like to have ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, barbecue sauce, ranch dip, etc. on hand at all times. I occasionally like to mix them and create different flavors. I'm also like this with beverages.

14. I can't screw a lid on correctly to save my life. I can't seem to get them on right even though I try. Example, water bottles, juice bottles, toothpaste, jars etc. They always go on crooked and it drives Mr. H nuts!

15. Back to the cold water, germy thing, I HATE touching the sides of the pool. You know the tiled part above the water line that gets all scummy (gag). And I won't go near the drain either. Mr. H likes to torture me when we go swimming by dragging me to the side. It grosses me out just thinking about it now.

16. I taught Autumn to eat off a fork. Now she won't eat out of my hands. Spoiled dog.

17. I didn't learn to drive until after I graduated from high school, because I was embarrassed to learn in one of those driver's ed cars.

18. I over-edit/analyze things (everything). I always find something wrong with things I make or do, or purchase. It drives those around me crazy. I don't strive for perfection, I just can't stand for there to be obvious errors. Even if they're not obvious to anyone else but me. Oh, I can't STAND when people don't use spell check. It's there for a reason.

19. When I get really mad at Mr. H and I can't stand the sight of him, I go for long drives without telling him and I cry.

20. I do not floss on a regular basis.

21. I played the violin in middle school, and sang in the choir in high school.

22. I worked as a dental assistant for 9 months. My boss was a complete pervert and I cussed him out before I quit. (Real mature- I know).

23. I fought for Mr. H (literally). I lost the fight, but I won him.

24. We were once caught having "fun" in the back seat of a car by the cops! (I know I 'll never hear the end of that one)


Monica said...

OK... the last one.. getting caught by the cops.. me too!!!! But not with Matthew. It was in high school and my ex and I had gone to Whataburger. We drove to the makeout spot and were eating our hamburgers. Well the cops sneak up on his and bang on the windows. They were so disappointed we were only eating our hamburgers(those pervs). Well obviously we knew we couldn't stay there for "later" so we drove across town to another makeout spot. We you believe the same effing cop caught us again and this time it was the real deal!!! THat perv must have followed us. But I look back and am kinda disgusted. Who has sex right after eating... and at Whataburger????

Christyna said...

ha ha ha I love these, I love all your facts. They made me smile and I've been having a rough few days, nothing too bad though.

You're always funny and sincere, I really enjoy that about you.

meg said...

Monica! I am going to try this list. You have inspired me. I don't feel like I have much to say these days, but maybe doing this will help?

I love #16, by the way. Autumn thinks she's human! Love it.

Also, you must write and give us the details about the fight for Mr H. Do you mean an actual, physical fight? Wow!

Sarah said...

Dear Monica,

Happy New Year! Sorry it has been so long since I've checked in. We traveled a ton between Thanksgiving and Christmas so things are just settling down a bit.

Glad to see on your list you found a good doctor. I'll have to go back through your archives and see if you posted about your visit.

Wishing nothing but good thing for you in 2008!
Best, Sarah

The Nanny said...

Yes! We need details about that fight!

And in terms of mixing things, I'm the QUEEN of combining random foods. I think it's because I'm so picky that I have weird tastebuds. My friends think I'm insane. Example? Buttered spaghetti on top of peanut butter toast if you're in dire need of a carb fix. It's delicious. Or a personal favorite: peanut butter and jelly sandwich on toasted wheat bread with dill pickles on it. YUM. That one sounds so gross, I know, but several of my friends have tried it & liked it!

(You may ALL tell me how weird I am now. I won't take offense.)

Becky said...

Haha, you got caught by the cops too!! Apparently, we aren't the only ones!

I had come home from college and Derick and I were going to talk about our relationship because I was 1200 miles away and he was here. He took me out to a nice dinner, and then we went for a drive. We ended up in this park and started...then we saw the flashlights and the cop was flashing them right into the car. Meanwhile...hahaha...then he took our drivers licenses and ran them...then asked us what we were doing, and of course we said, "We were just talking." He said, "Well go and TALK somewhere else!"

BTW, I have a problem touching the shower curtain/shower walls and also touching the top of the pool above the water line. Gross! *Now I have the chills*

Monica H said...

Becky- Mr. H scratches the "gunk" off with his fingernail (like no big deal) G-ross! How's that for nasty?

Am I doing okay? said...

OMG. Me too by the cops w/ my would be husband. Rapped on the window w/ the flashlight & said: You kids doin' allright in there? I haven't thought about that in YEARS. Thank you for the thought provoking post.