Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm B-a-a-a-ck!

I decided to come back rather than stay with my grandmother. She had her stint put in on Thursday and everything went well. She was out and in recovery in about 30 minutes. Her doctor decided to postpone her lumpectomy for February 5th so she can recover from the sinus infection she had. I spoke to her this morning and she sounds so much better. She sounds like herself again. I was going to surprise her by visiting, but she didn't know I was coming. She said she had an idea, and kept running to the window every time she heard a diesel (we drive an Excursion) to see if I might "show up". She said she expected me to do something like that and she hoped I would come by to see her. I felt bad for not going, but I really couldn't afford to stay with her now then fly back to see her in two weeks. That's 3 plane tickets. I looked on the airlines website today and if I buy them now (2 weeks in advance) they are less expensive. I told her I was going to visit her in February and she is beyond thrilled. So we'll do this all over again in two weeks.

We left Wednesday morning for the funeral on Thursday and we came back late last night. It was beautiful and there were so many people there to honor and remember her life. It was not sad though. I hand wrote the letter to Marie (in the last post) to give to her husband Jimmy. He seemed to have really appreciated it.

It was not a vacation, but it was nice to get away from my routine life and just relax. There was no email, very minimal phone calls, no radio, just each other and family. I needed that, even if it was for only 2 nights at a B.est W.estern. BTW, I got to see snow (well, ice crystals on the windshield that looked like tiny frozen trees). We actually had to scrape it off before we left. It got down to the teens- woohoo! We haven't had to do that in years!!! While on this trip I heard my MIL say she had a "hot ass", she said the word "twat" and my FIL spoke about a "schlong". We also stopped at a gas station for a potty break in which there was a sign that read "Wild hogs for sale". That pretty much sums up my trip!


Erica said...

Oh my sounds like an interesting trip with the inlaws..Glad you had a safe trip back.I will keep you guys in my prayers and am happy that your grandma is doing good.BTW I am doing better its been hard,but I can't let it control my life since I have two boys that need me.Thanks for everything...and take care

Becky said...

Wow what a trip!

I'm so glad that your grandmother is doing better.

I'm very proud of you for giving that letter to her husband. I'm sure that it means the world for him to know how much she touched your life. The greatest gift a person can do for another person is just what she did in her life...obviously touched so many people.

Christyna said...

I'm glad everything went well. I'm glad you're back. and Thank you so much. I only hope I can be as helpful and supportive for you someday soon. (home alone today, it is so nice. I'm going to go into my art studio and paint and draw).

meg said...

Glad you're back safe and sound and that your Grandma is doing better.

Your inlaws sound HILARIOUS!

Monica H said...

Meg- My in-laws can be hilarious, but mostly they are just really ridiculous :)