Monday, January 14, 2008


My grandma had her NST done last Thursday to make sure her heart was able to handle the stress of the upcoming surgery. She got winded on the treadmill in the incline position, so they stopped the test and monitored her. The cardiologist thinks there's a blockage in her arteries leading up to her heart. He wants to place a stint to keep the arteries "open" and clear. It's a day surgery and they would be done this Thursday! Holy moly, that's a lot to take in. I can't imagine the stress she's in. She and I worry. That's what we do, so I know even though she's trying to act cool, she's panicking inside.

As far as I know, the surgery to remove the cancer is still scheduled for Tuesday, the 22nd. My grandpa got sick right after Christmas and he was being really careful not to get her sick, but it happened. She's been sick for over a week and the doctors offices are so busy they won't see her. She made an appointment with the doc to get a prescription for some antibiotics, but they won't see her until the 21st. That's ludicrous! They are going to try to squeeze her in tomorrow (sometime), but if she's not well by the 22nd, she'll have to postpone the surgery. She went to the doctor today to get the results. Afterwards she went shopping. She said that made her feel better. She's just been so tired lately, with being sick and having to travel an hour each way to see the doctor. I know it's only going to get worse when she starts radiation. I know I said she would be doing chemo a few posts back, but she misunderstood. It's radiation for sure, which is a blessing in itself.

I wish I could be there with her every step of the way. Since I can't, I ask that you all keep her in your prayers. I will be praying endlessly. Not for a miracle, but for good health and quick healing.


Erica said...

Sending lots of prayers..Hopefully she recovers quickly.I will be thinking of both of you.

Becky said...

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers always.

I know how difficult this is for you. Please don't worry about the stint, I know easier said than done. But it's really a simple procedure, and it will make her strong enough for the surgery that she needs to have.

I'll email you about it tommorrow.

But know that I'm praying for you all.

The Nanny said...

I'll be thinking about her & praying too. I hope she does get better (I can't believe the docs aren't letting her in NOW, given her situation!) in time for her surgery, and I hope that the surgery itself goes beautifully with a quick recovery.

I'll be thinking about you too, Monica. How're you doing?

Monica H said...

Becky- I know what is involved in putting in a stint. My FIL had one put in a few years ago. It just upset me that she has to go through so much all at once.

Nanny- She lives in a small town and her doctor is an idiot. I don't really know, but she doesn't need this added stress right now.

Thanks for the prayers. We both appreciate them.

Christyna said...

That's terrible. What is with the Dr.'s being too busy? um hello?!?! meanwhile they're seeing perfectly healthy people with head colds and allergies that don't really need anything at all. yeah I hate Dr's offices as you can see. Most of their priorities are ass backwards.

I will be sending good healthy thoughts and good luck your way. This will all work itself out the way it should. I have no doubts!

Kristi said...

Thinking of you & your grandmother.